Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So here's the story from A to Z...

A - Available or Married?
Not married, but very, very happily taken! 

B - Book
I'm not reading anything other than school stuff right now, but I'm dying to pick up a copy of BigMama's book Sparkly Green Earrings. Her blog keeps me rolling and well, I think we could be fab BFF's.
C - Cake or Pie?
Strawberry Cake from Soulfish. It is THE best. (I also wouldn't turn down a chocolate pecan pie.)

D - Drink of Choice?
Wine! Diet Coke! Lots and lots of coffee! Basically, anything except water!

E - Essential Item?
Shameful, but my phone. 
F - Favorite Color?
Red & Tiger blue.  

G - Game to play or watch?
I love playing Apples to Apples! As for playing SPORTS, no thanks. I'm all about watching them, though. 

H - Hometown?
Memphis, Tennessee

I - Indulgence?
Chips & queso from Las Delicias. Their chips!! Oh mylanta, the chips. 
If you're local, YOU MUST EAT THE CHIPS!

J - Job?
Full time mom, student, boo thang, housekeeper, chef, dog bather extraordinaire. I have no idea what I want to do "when I grow up". I'm still young enough to say that, right?? :/

K - Kids and names?
Savanah Michelle and Stella Ann. I would love to add a mean little hell raising little boy to the mix one day, but well, that's a long ways off. And what if I end up with another girl?!? 

L - Life is incomplete without?
Family. Donuts.

M - Music group or singer?
Of all time, Stone Temple Pilots. At the moment, The Lumineers

N - Number of siblings?
Two younger sisters that have made me the most strict mean mom on the planet. I'll be damned if my kiddos act like they do, or they'll have no teeth and a foot up their rear. Bless their hearts.

O - Oranges or apples?
Usually oranges. When Stella was a toddler, she would chew up her apple slices and then spit them out in random places around the house. That kinda put me off apples for life. 
P - Phobias/Fears?
Something happening to my babies
Q - Favorite Quote?

R - Reason to Smile?

These folks.

S - Season?

T - Tattoos?
Dear 19 year old Sarah, 
When your boyfriend takes you to a tattoo parlor and says "I'll either buy you that purse you want, or you can get a tattoo while we're here (getting his)"... TAKE THE PURSE! For the love of God. TAKE. THE. PURSE.

U - Unknown fact about me?
I skipped 78 days of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd periods first semester of Junior year of high school, and managed to still have A's for the year in all those classes. 

V - Vegetable you love?
Okra! (Fried, of course.) I'm also a big asparagus fan, except for that whole stinky pee thing.

W - Worst habit?
Using sarcasm 24/7. My kids are turning into assholes.

X - X-Rays you've had?
Way too many to count. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Y - Your favorite food?
Chips & queso. I am always in the mood for chips & dip. 

Z - Zodiac?
Sagittarius. I don't base my life around my sign, but astrology stuff I read from time to time are usually spot-on. 

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