Monday, March 25, 2013

I say it every time, but...

Best. Weekend. Ever.
(It's become a sickeningly schmoopy ritual every Saturday after breakfast, I'll look at B & tell him that "This is the best day ever!"... It's probably gotten old, but seriously, y'all- every weekend is better than the last. I'm one lucky girl.)

Let's just start off saying that I *lurrrrve* me some March Madness. This has been, hands down, the most fun basketball season in years. I may or may not already be counting down 'till Memphis Madness. (Only seven months, y'all!)

My Friday started off with a quick slow run (jumping back on the C25k wagon!) in the freezing misty cold. Sophie thoroughly enjoyed our little excursion, and I am pretty sure she's the only thing that kept me motivated. Headed home & got de-funkified and met up the BFF, L, for manis/pedis! L and I are both super busy these days and haven't been able to get together in for-evvvvah so it was really great catching up. (Also, Memphis girls- if you need a nail place- RUN, don't walk, to Elite Nail Spa! They are all super nice and derrr, who doesn't love a mimosa or vino while getting yo' nails did?! Their shellac is the, always lasts at LEAST 2 weeks!) I am pretty sure we were those girls being loud and possibly obnoxious, but whatever. We had a LOT to catch up on.

That night, the girls and I hit up Memphis Pizza Cafe for dinner. Always a fave. Later that night I headed over to B's and we watched hoops with one of his neighbors, who is an Ole Miss fan. We spent the night giving him hell, because, well, he was outnumbered and it's too easy.

I mean, come on. This is their "star." What a tool.

Saturday morning we hit up our "usual spot", the Pancake Shop on Summer Ave. It's not amazing (like Brother Juniper's, which is AMAZE, but is a smidge on the spendy side), but it's good and reliable. The girls and I piddled around the house for a little while, then it was time to meet up with B to watch our Tigers play! This game had me lit-rally nauseous. Michigan State is a great team, and while Memphis definitely has the potential to beat them, they just didn't have the experience behind them. We walked away with quite a loss, but I am still so, SO proud of each and every one of our players. This season was an amazing one, and those guys worked hard for each of those 31 wins. I am already looking forward to next season (we have the #2 recruiting class in the country!), and also am looking forward to keeping up with DJ & Farrakohn as they head out for bigger and better things!
My heart wants to burst looking at this pic. Love these guys so much.

After watching the game, B and I grabbed dinner, then met a bunch of folks up at Hooters for his middle brother's birthday. I finally got to meet his oldest brother and his wife & daughter, and got to see a few of their friends that I'd met before. I swear B has the most adorable nieces in the world. One is almost six months, and the other is about two and a half and an absolute doll. Two is my most favorite age in the world for kiddos. They might be difficult, but there is nothing sweeter than watching a kiddo discover and learn new things about this crazy big world of ours. I love watching their little minds think. Needless to say, my ovaries are kaput after all that. ;)

Sunday was spent watching more hoops & relaxing. I can't believe March is almost over. This year is truly flying by! B and I leave for Boston in 16 days, school will be over soon after that, and then the girls and I will be leaving the Nana this summer for our own place. Lots of fun, exciting stuff coming up soon. (At least I'm telling myself it's all exciting. Truth be told, all this "excitement" had me sick to my stomach & crying like a baby last night. I just have to remember to Be still.)

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Brenda Wilkerson said...

Amen to all your Tigers thoughts!