Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sun on my face and sand between my toes...

Just last night I was sitting at the kitchen table, and it struck me. [My idea, I wasn't actually assaulted by the table.] We have not been to the beach since 2011. And, as a girl who grew up going to the Gulf of Mexico at least once a year from ages 0-18, that is just extremely freakin' unacceptable.

Unlike those beach trips of yore, any vacations these days are not complimentary all-expense paid excursions. I got on vrbo.com and got to lookin' at rates/locations, and decided that the girls' Fall Break in the middle of October seemed like a GREAT time for a beach trip. Still warm outside, but considerably cheaper and less crowded. SO! I am hopeful that it actually comes to fruition. Can't think of many things that would be better than being at the beach with my three favorite people. (And maybe my sister to come along and babysit.)


After I began thinking about the beach, I came across Holly and Amy's Vacation Dreaming link-up, and figured I'd join in! While I would be happy as a clam to go down to Orange Beach this fall, this is all about your dream vacation.

Any of the following would do just fine.


Amy said...

All three vacation destinations look amazing. Figi is on the top of my list as well. :-) Thanks so much for linking up!

Crystal said...

All of these are locations we want to visit someday. They look amazing!

Holly said...

Ahhhh I'd love to drink Figi water in Figi... Am I spelling that right? LOL