Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

After a busy week, we ended up having a (much appreciated!) fairly low-key weekend. 

After Stella finished with tennis on Friday, the girls and I + my youngest sister headed to the pool. [A few weeks ago I joined the Germantown Athletic Club, and let me just say that it has already been worth the investment. I love that they have lifeguards, other kids around for the girls to play with, and that's not even mentioning all the group fitness classes they offer! I am very excited about trying some of those out.] It was swelteringly hot Friday afternoon, but we ended up playing at the pool until almost dinner time! Later Friday night, I met up with B and a few of his friends at High Point Pizza. I had already eaten, but decided to try some of their homemade italian ice. I got the watermelon and it was DELICIOUS! 

Saturday was mostly running errands (me) and cleaning bedrooms (the girls). Starting this week, I am going to be watching my almost nine year old cousin 3 days/week until school starts. That's going to be THREE growing girls that will need breakfasts and lunches and we had a seriously empty kitchen. Not one to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, B and I had a quick lunch at Las Delicias [pastor torta for me, pastor quesadilla + soup for him]. As usual, the food was great, but I was yet again disappointed with our service. They completely forgot about the guacamole app until they brought out the entree (which by then, I just told them to forget it), and we had to wait 25 minutes to get our check. 

After lunch I headed to the grocery & stocked up on some healthy stuff for the girls to eat. I have realized that by only buying foods that have to be prepared/cooked, it really cuts down on the snacking throughout the day. I mostly stuck to my list (winning!) and got out of there without doing too much damage to the checkbook. [Local ladies- SuperLo on Southern is my most favorite grocery store! Everyone is so nice, I seem to get pretty good deals, & they have great produce/meat/deli!]

Saturday night was spent eating [Five Guys!], movie-watching [Limitless, which was actually really good!], and sangria-drinking. Said sangria-drinking may or may not have led to my being a really sore loser in a few games of Wii Sports. 

Today the girls spent the day with Nana and I slept pretty much all day, then spent the night getting the girls' clothes out for tennis camp in the morning, making snacks, and doing a little re-vamping to the ol' blog. [It's VERY diy-ed, and there are a few more things I'd like to tweak, but I'm liking it!]

Here's to another great weekend, and hopes for a wonderful week! 

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