Monday, August 19, 2013

A Very Memphis Weekend

Another weekend in the books, and I can say with 100% certainty, I definitely was not ready for it to end. Savanah was with her dad this weekend, Stella spent the weekend with my parents, so this Mama got to have a whole weekend to herself.

Friday night, Billy and I went to one of our favorite Memphis spots, the Levitt Shell, to see one of the 50 free concerts they do every year. Early last week, a local sports columnist tweeted that Norah Jones was going to be a special guest at Friday's concert. Um, seeing Norah Jones for free?! No way was I missing this! The weather in Memphis has been amazing lately, and Friday night was no different. It was a record-breaking crowd, and the bands were all great! I had kind of come to terms with the fact that maybe the whole Norah Jones thing was a rumor, but then she came out on stage! She played a few songs with the band, and it was just a great, great show. I cannot stress enough how much I love Memphis. The shows at the Shell are so much fun, and in a city that is known for its' racial division (sad, but true), it is so awesome to see the diversity of the crowd! If you live in Memphis and haven't been to the Shell for a concert, I really encourage you to go! (Some of my "must-see" shows are Ana Popovic & Mo' Better Love on 8/30, The Black Lillies on 9/12, and John Paul Keith on 9/20!)

Seeing as how I am apparently 90 years old, I was asleep by midnight Friday, which meant that I was up bright and early Saturday morning! Billy and I took a trip downtown to the Farmer's Market. I love the South Main district so much, and the Farmer's Market is always fun. We grabbed some coffee and moseyed around. As per my usual, I left with a bag full of yellow cherry tomatoes and a few heirlooms, too. B got a loaf of sourdough that I am still itching to try out. After we left the market, we ran by the mall to kill some time and for B to check out some new sunglasses.

Met a friend for lunch at Trolley Stop Market, which was amazingly delicious as usual. Again, Memphis folks, if you haven't tried TSM yet, what are you waiting for?!  It's on Madison, right on the trolley line (bet you wouldn't have guessed that), and prepares all of their food using local ingredients. Everything is super fresh, and their hamburgers are hands-down the most amazing burgers I have ever eaten. (WAY better than Huey's, E&H, and Alex's!) If you're not into burgers, I'm also a huge fan of their Jive Turkey sandwich, and the Pimento Cheese BLT is a great combo of flavors! [One aside about TSM- Don't go there when you are in a hurry. The food is definitely worth the time it takes, but the whole place runs on "hippie time" and is very laid back. Not the place to go if you've got a 30 minute lunch break.]

I was super spoiled with amazing food this weekend. We took an amazingly awesome nap after lunch, and after we woke up B had a craving for Italian. I guess you can probably tell that we are huge fans of "eating local", and we decided to go to Ciao Bella for our Italian fix. I had a cup of Wedding Soup and the 1/2 portion of the Seafood Cannelloni, which was the perfect sized meal to fill me up.  After dinner, we settled in and watched "42", which was really, really good. B is a huge baseball fan, and I have slowly but surely been learning to love it, too, so seeing such a huge part of the game's history was really interesting. After snacking on a piece of strawberry cake from Frost Bake Shop (Best strawberry cake EVER. They make the cakes for SoulFish, and just opened their own storefront last week!), we called it a night.

It was such a great "re-charging" weekend. This summer was filled with so many changes for our family, which honestly thew me into a cave of unknown and left me just not being myself. I'm pretty sure there was a good case of mild depression going on, looking back. So, so thankful for getting back into a routine and really feeling like myself again. LOTS of exciting stuff going on this week. Can't wait to see how things work out.

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I have never been to a concert at the Shell. Ridiculous, I know!