Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday!

Coming out of my hiatus for a little Five on Friday action!


In years past, I never really made the most out of my weekends. Sure, I loved not going to work, but I never got much accomplished. Since the move, however, I am honestly living for my weekends. Thursday nights I work on getting the house picked up, laundry done, and the dishwasher emptied so that come Friday night I can geek out over vacuuming the floors (vaccum lines, y’all) while enjoying a nice cold beer. #nerdalert


Speaking of weekends, I am so excited for the next few coming up! This weekend we will be hitting up the first crawfish festival of the year, which makes me ten kinds of happy. Mudbugs bring spring, y’all, and this girl cannot wait to spend some time outdoors. Next weekend will be a doozy, with B’s nephew’s first birthday on Saturday, and Stella’s ballet recital on Sunday. I love spending time with my people, so these plans have me giddy!


While it’s not hot yet in Memphis, I know it’s coming soon. With patio season, concerts at the Levitt Shell, and all the other outdoor activities going on, it’s kind of hard to stay cute when you’re sweating your balls off “glowing” in the 90* temps. While browsing online a few weeks ago, I ended up on Columbia’s website, checking out their dresses. Now, I know their clothes are geared towards the “outdoors sportswoman”, but look. I get just as sweaty drinking sangria at Overton Park as LouAnn who spends the day out on the lake bass fishing. SO, I ordered these dresses (all with sweat-wicking outdoor fabrics), and love every single one of them. The maxi dress is honestly the most flattering maxi dress I have ever worn. The skirt on it is a great A-line, and the fabric is substantial enough that it doesn’t cling.

The girls are getting way too big, y’all. They both brought home great report cards this week (Principal’s List and Honor Roll, both with Citizenship!), and have really been awesome about staying on top of their chores. Last week, Savanah tried out AND MADE the football/competitive cheer squad for the middle school she will be attending next year! Hold me closer, Tony Danza, because I am not ready for my girl to be in middle school. She had her fitting for uniforms, cheer camp clothes, & stuff this week, and I just don’t even know how on earth she is this old. I still feel like I am in middle school myself most days. I just don’t even know.


After a lot of shit-talking bragging about what a Bracket Master I am, my March Madness bracket is all but a wash. I still have ¾ of my Final Four teams in, but there’s pretty much no way I can beat B’s bracket. It breaks my heart a little, and also ticks me off because I hate to lose. (WTF Syracuse?! I mean, friggin’ Dayton?! Grr.) If Michigan State loses to Virginia tonight, I just am going to quit basketball. And we are not even going to mention the Memphis game last week. Ahem.

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