Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday… Memphis edition.

Yes. The Royals are in town. News media is everywhere, and there are hashtags aplenty on Twitter, spilling the beans every time they are spotted out in the city. Is it cool? Yes. Is it great, positive exposure for  our awesome city (which, let’s face it, usually only hits national news for bad stuff?) Yes. But for the love, people, they are here for a wedding. If you were getting married, would you want your husband’s bros to steal the weekend spotlight? I think not.

The bride is the granddaughter of Kemmons Wilson, founder of the Holiday Inn brand. The Wilson family invests millions of dollars into our community. The least we can do is let the lady have her wedding in peace.

The beginning of May kicks off the annual Memphis in May festival. Each May, a country is honored, and there are festival activities each weekend of the month. This weekend is the Beale Street Music Festival, which will feature awesome acts like Juicy J, 311, Alabama Shakes, Snoop Dogg Lion, Third Eye Blind, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Dropkick Murphys, among many others. (I only listed the ones I’d actually like to see if I were going.)

From the time I was 13 till I was 18, I went every year. I lost a flipflop running to the Stone Temple Pilots stage, I danced with a college guy in the crowd at the Offspring show (I may or may not have been 14 really freakin’ dumb). My bff and I walked through a packed crowd and made it to the front of the stage to see Dave Matthews Band. Good times. Great memories.

However. I am too old for that shiz now. Seriously. It’s almost always muddy as heck. There are tons of underage kids drinking (Where are your parents?!?- ha.) And honestly, I’m really lame and can’t stand that kind of crowd of people unless I have had all the wine.

The weather this weekend will be beeeeautiful, so we have decided to hit the Tigers baseball series against UConn. The conference rivalry between Memphis & UConn in basketball is quite heated, so I’m excited to watch them duke it out on the baseball diamond.

I’ve raved about it many times before, but the Levitt Shell is definitely one of the gems of this city. Each year, a free concert series is put on at the Shell, and it is so much fun! The concert calendar for 2014 was just recently announced, and I cannot wait to make the concerts a staple in our weekly agenda.

Also, tomorrow night (Saturday), they will be showing Game 7 between the Grizz & OKC Thunder on a huge screen at the Shell. It’s going to be beautiful weather, so I think we are going to take a cooler out and watch Tony and Mike and Z-BO(!!!) seal the deal and take down the Thunder on their own court.

Memphis gets a bad rap, but this city is actually full of giving, charitable folks. We have amazing organizations working towards a better Memphis, and this generation of change is truly making our city one of the best.

I was introduced to the GiVe 365 organization about two years ago, and the idea is honestly brilliant. You commit to giving one dollar a day, and all the members’ money is pooled together to be used for grants. Local non-profits apply for the grants, and the GiVE 365 members vote to choose which non-profits receive the grants! What an amazing way to really demonstrate how one person’s actions can make a huge difference when we band together for the betterment of our city!

Membership could not be easier. You can donate for the whole year at once, or have it debited from your account monthly. GiVE 365 also holds monthly meetings/activities for its’ members to learn more about the non-profits, social happy hours to get to know each other, and occasional lunch and learns to get some exposure to Memphis organizations you may not know about! (And, FYI, it’s also a great way to network. The group has a strong young professional membership, and other members can be great social and professional resources!)

Hope y’all have a great weekend! I am so excited to get out and enjoy the outdoors before it is 400 degrees and 180% humidity.

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